Social Media at Work 2012 Conference


The Social Media @ Work 2012 Conference, held in Harrisburg, PA on October 17th, is both an educational and encouraging experience!  I had the opportunity to attend the conference for the first time, along with GuavaBox business partner Andrew Dymski, and have loved the experience so far (mid-afternoon right now!).  With an eclectic group of […]

Infographic: The State of Open Source Adoption

The State of Open Source Adoption Infographic - on

The infographic in this post was created by Zenoss based on data from systems management surveys beginning in 2006. It illustrates the attitudinal transformation towards open source applications, but the statistics really point to the profound impact of the collaborative nature of Web 2.0 technology, as well as a gradual, global assimilation to the Web 2.0 […] Finally Launched

GuavaBox Provides Strategic Inbound Marketing Solutions

After several months of hard work, has finally launched! No longer a freelancer, I have now adopted the title of Co-Founder.  Our current one-liner states that: GuavaBox provides strategic inbound marketing solutions to small businesses and non-profit organizations. All that means is that, along with my partners at GuavaBox, Andrew Dymski and Brandon Jones, we […]