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I'm a first-timer, what's the deal here?

Five years ago, I began looking for tools and tips to help make my entrepreneurial dreams come true.

I spent countless hours researching, signing up for free trials, discovering more about what I actually needed, and repeating that process.

Since then, I've co-founded two tech businesses, worked with hundreds of small businesses, and learned a lot of big lessons, including:

  1. Relationships come first.
  2. Why you need to be careful to build a business, not a job.
  3. Systems are integral to scalability.
  4. The perfect tools don't exist, but great tools make life much easier.

My goal here is to share what I've learned to help you grow at your own pace. If you just need to know what hosting provider or marketing automation software is best for your needs, awesome. If you want little-known tips on hacking Google+ for SEO value or proven strategy for effective inbound marketing campaigns, you'll find that as well.

Thanks for being here, and I always welcome your feedback!

S. Gray MacKenzie

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Give Away A WordPress Theme To Drive Traffic

There is no single best way to drive traffic to your website.  It takes a mix of creativity, resourcefulness, and diligence to attract the right crowd. Plus, once you draw traffic, you need to have a system in place to engage your new visitors and turn them into repeat visitors, prospects, leads, customers, and advocates.

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Social Media at Work 2012 Conference

The Social Media @ Work 2012 Conference, held in Harrisburg, PA on October 17th, is both an educational and encouraging experience!  I had the opportunity to attend the conference for the first time, along with GuavaBox business partner Andrew Dymski, and have loved the experience so far (mid-afternoon right now!).  With an eclectic group of

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How Do I Change My WordPress Permalinks Settings?

If you’re asking that question, you’re a step ahead of most! That means that you’ve already heard of Permalinks and understand that you ought to change them from the default configuration.

This informative post will teach you about Permalinks, how to change them, and why it matters. Read More!

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