Follow Friday Profile: Andrew J. Dymski

Andrew Dymski Twitter Profile 300x78 Follow Friday Profile: Andrew J. Dymski

Twitterer: Andrew Dymski

Twitter Profile: @AndrewJDymski

Background: A senior Marketing major at Grove City College, Dymski is also an MCLA Division II All-American goalkeeper for the Grove City Lacrosse Wolverines. He is heavily invested in the sport of lacrosse, and recently co-founded, a resource for developing collegiate lacrosse programs.  Outside of lacrosse, he’s into marketing, social media, marketing, leadership, hunting, and the great outdoors.

Twitterings: Andrew Dymski consistently adds value to the conversation on Twitter.  Whether tweeting about lacrosse, social media, marketing, or sharing helpful resources, Dymski’s holistic passion for life shines through.  I’ve greatly appreciated getting to know and learn from him.

President and Captain of the Grove City Lacrosse team, Dymski is also the man behind the GCC Lacrosse social media presence, so a lot of his tweets concern the sport of lacrosse.  You’ll also find quality social media resources, marketing insights, and more lacrosse among his twitterings.  His passion for lacrosse, marketing knowledge, social media experience, and collaborative mindset make Andrew Dymski a valuable Twitter resource.  Follow him today!


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