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The Pain: Planning and implementing a content development and deployment strategy is a challenge.  No doubt.  But strategy is a large part of what separates the web winners from the Internet’s incompetent.  Organization and timing are crucial to your success as a content developer and marketer.

The Antidote: the Editorial Calendar is a free WordPress plugin that can help alleviate your pain.  With an intuitive drag and drop interface, the Editorial Calendar allows you to brainstorm, strategize, draft posts, and schedule publishing.  Zack Grossbart, one of the plugin’s creators, posted a 5 minute tutorial video on Vimeo.  Either spend the five minutes installing the plugin and familiarizing yourself with it, or watch the video to see why you should be using it.

Installing the Editorial Calendar:

  1. On your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins>>Add New.
  2. Search for ‘editorial calendar,’ and click Install Now.
  3. Once installed, activate it from your list of plugins.
  4. Simply navigate to Posts>>Calendar.
  5. Boom!  You’ve got a sweet organizational structure for your content development!

Favorite Features:

  1. I love the ability to publish a post at any time.  I wrote this post on a Sunday afternoon, but it was published while I was in class on Monday morning.  Timing can be a make or break feature in a world where everyone is subjected to a blizzard of content.  Use the scheduling feature of the Editorial Calendar to publish with consistency.
  2. Drag and drop interface is almost always awesome!
  3. Especially on sites with multiple authors, managing posts is simplified with the Editorial Calendar Plugin.
  4. The most valuable feature of the plugin may simply be the visual overview of your posts, their statuses, and when they’ll be posted.  Seeing posts laid out on a calendar can change your perspective in a healthy way.  Try it.

WP Editorial Calendar Resource: Editorial Calendar

Are you using the Editorial Calendar or another content organization system?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


  1. says

    It is extremely important that website owners be intentional with when they publish posts. The reality is that most of us finish writing them at 2 in the morning, but that is not the best time to publish them. It is important to think about who your market is and when they would be the most will to read your post. If you use social medias like Facebook or Twitter to advertise for your posts. When are people most likely to be on, is an important question to ask. If elderly people are your main targets then you should publish posts in the early afternoon so they can read them. Being intensional about the little things like are what separate winners from losers. Thanks Gray, this plugin really can help streamlines the process of publishing and planning posts.

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